Roof Replacement Before and After Story

Linda called us in early January 2023 after a significant hail storm late in 2022. We had roofed her house in 2006, and because she was well pleased with our work then, and because the roof had lasted 17 years without having a problem, she called us to inspect for storm damage.

Free Roof Inspection

I inspected the roof and indeed found hail damage significant enough to file a claim with Allstate, and I advised her to do so. She called her agent to file a claim and he wanted to talk to me before filing the claim.

Working With Insurance Agent

As it turns out he wanted pictures of the damage and an estimate from me before filing a claim. I found this very unusual, but after a phone conversation I realized he was just looking out for her. He had previously had some bad experiences with roofers trying to take advantage of his clients. I sent him the info he had requested, and after that convinced him, he filed the claim. Allstate sent out an adjuster and found the damage that I knew he would. 

Happy Customer

We were able to replace the roof on house and shed with a few added upgrades and her only out of pocket cost was her deductible. One interesting upgrade was on the shed. It has a gambrel roof plan with a transition from the lower pitch sections on top to the much steeper sections on the side. This is an awkward transition and most roofers just face nail the shingles to make them lay down at the transition. This is an eyesore and is susceptible to wind damage. Quality Tops Roofing keeps a custom metal in stock for this application. Check out the pictures of the shed. It looks and performs much better. Ms. Wallace is again very happy with our work and her new roof.